Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ode to Pride 010617

I sniff my fingers and lick them slowly wishing they were you.
Nothing’s the same.

I changed my hair from brown to blue hoping to revive the you in me, I was fooled.

How foolish I am  pretending I could reinvent the experience created the night our lips locked like deer antlers; the wilderness never belonged to me and neither do you.

Might as well handle this hard on cause you ain’t coming through.

Friday, September 9, 2016

God is Trying To Tell You Something

Another sleepless night
Where has sleep gone?
(Can’t sleep at night and you’re wondering why
Maybe God is trying to tell ya something)
Well I’m listening.

The all night itching is becoming more and more
Unbearable as I scratch my skin until it bleeds
Leaving behind small sores reminiscent of
Chicken pox and ashes
How did I get here?

I still won’t bend but had I known cheap gin,
Whiskey, and the notion of invisibility would  lead me here
I would have better tended to my own affairs and
Less time on Facebook tending to theirs.
But it’s too soon to write my end…

Until then
I am up listening to crickets and
Listening for the Lord
God is trying to tell me something.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


it’s unpredictable; this pain
like eggs falling from the sky onto
sizzling cement summer sidewalks
like silverbacks enclosed in
cement cages artificial forest

the process
the preparation
the surrender
the faith
thou will be done
chief surgeon and healer of us all
my arms and wings are stretched
i’m ready when you are
the trip

why do we fight it like denial
your gay child
your cheating spouse
soon to be foreclosed house...
just fly away to heaven brother
save a place for me brother
put in a word for me

like apple juice the blood flows
from me a small scratch or sore
with the power of volcanoes erupting
on abysmal sea floors where the sun
has never had the pleasure of heating
it reminds me of the power i possess
as product of creation

the pain slips away like thieves after
intrusions no where to be found
im lost in prayer counting stars
meditation and music
calming myself for next time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Uncondtional Love (022316)

It takes effort and confidence to love unconditionally.
And it’s worth it, as with all things that require dedication;
a divine transformation or true salvation.

Without condition confidence becomes
consciousness; you know who you are without
explanation nor definition nor judgement.

Without condition confidence becomes
understanding; often man knows not what he does
nor is aware of his own affliction. Forgive them.

Without condition confidence becomes
compassion; what’s right is right and justice shall
be accessible to all, all creatures great and small.

Without condition confidence becomes
peace and love beyond all understanding and the ability to
forgive the gossiping tongue and the heated heart of hatred.

Without condition confidence becomes
a blossoming beautiful brave being boldly believing and
living a life of true unconditional love; God is love.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Note: Tyler, The Creator- All around respect. Creative, clever, cool, conscious, and comical.


the grease from the pizza brought out the sexy of your lips
drinkin’ beer talkin’ bout shyt
sitting on the floor watching lennox ask “why”
feeling good i feel me

i loose myself in your plants
wanting to suck your toes
i drink more beer instead
is it too soon to kiss you?

what the hell, life is short
they say age is nothing but a number
i agree
especially when older than me

maybe we’ll share the same bathroom
one day
i’ll learn another language
and teach you patience
just let me be silly
and eat ice cream
and share with you my wildest dreams