Sunday, September 27, 2015

oh say can u see me

i wont go silently like
lambs before slaughter
nor gentle into that
good night

i won't whisper my
disdain for complicated
things devaluing the
simple life

i wont tax myself with fear
blacklisted by gossips ear
sissifying my fight for equal
human rights

for he who seeks to shame
knows not honors gain
pursuant of justice and
God’s delight

while brothers bought and sold
weep with broken souls like
wingless eagles
attempting flight

baring my soul in warrior mode
intellect and bullets unite on
congress’ bloody carpeted floor the final
end of historical strife.

by the dawn’s early light.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

we are

We pain
We change
We love
We lose
We hope
We despair
We laugh
We share
We argue
We fight
We break
We bite
We kick
We scream
We shit
We dream

We suffer
We cringe
We clean
We mend
We search
We find
We live
We shine
We carry
We score
We cry
We war
We bury
We waste
We fuck
We taste

We tax
We spend
We lie
We pretend
We recover
We recite
We pledge
We unite
We bully
We bleed
We bruise
We lead
We pick
We choose
We drink
We abuse

We wonder
We take
From slumber
We wake
Over time
We realize
We're out
Our minds
We haste
To replace
The friend
We disgraced
So jealous
We are
The competition
Selfie star.