Wednesday, November 4, 2015


you treated me
like the dope man
the one who shorted you
on your sacks

you wore me
like those too tight jeans
the dark blue ones
with the stallions on the back

i never saw you to
wear a smile always a
complaint slipping
from your lips

but something about
your angry beauty intrigued me
making me madly sadly crazy
over bipolar you

two dozen roses are
never enough the moon and
stars just won't't do
chocolate candies melt too easily
there’s just no pleasing you

but something about when we undress
freaky funky loving till the break of dawn
a thousand lions in my pocket
you tame every one

i can’t be without you baby
not even for a night
you can’t be without me either
our love is more potent than combustible ether

1:33AM 110415

its just me again
left alone with these things
my feelings

i don’t know how to manage them
or how to entertain them
without being afraid

of the inevitable
what lies beneath
all of my baggage

i wipe the tear away
replace it with a smile
and get back to living

i know how to lie like
the best of them like a
lawyer defending them

i pretend that
no one can see
the pain i'm feeling

my body’s not healing
i'm blacker then the day before
and more afraid