Sunday, September 25, 2011

Untitiled 04012011

Love can be what it’s supposed to be at times. But many times it can be
The complete opposite. I once welcomed the chance of love dropping into
My life and doing the little thing it does, at least when I thought I knew
Love. But now, I oppose it. I oppose love just as one would oppose abortion.
I want to walk around with picket signs warning the world of the dangers of
Falling in love. I want to write the Surgeon General and demand that our
Government does something about this love shit; like creating a brochure, 
A pamphlet, flyers, leaflets- congress should create this huge campaign to warn society of the risks
Involved with falling in love. Valentine’s Day should be banned immediately. 
We should not celebrate this pagan holiday ever again. And for every piece of Godiva
Sold or those cute little sugar hearts with phrases such as, “I love you,” “Be Mine” 
Written on them, the dealer should be fined severely. This shit must stop. We should
Teach our children, our precious children that love doesn’t love anybody. The heart has
Become the national symbol for love, but this should be ratified. No longer will we
Associate the heart with love, but love will be represented by something more appropriate
And be fitting. We will use the skull and bones instead.

Untitled FFB

False friend
False friends
I’m tired of counting
Fading faces
Forgotten names
They’re becoming less and less important.
There is something different about my walk
Not a pep but noticeable pain
My heart is tired of being stepped on
So I travel with a little more consideration
For others.