Friday, September 9, 2016

God is Trying To Tell You Something

Another sleepless night
Where has sleep gone?
(Can’t sleep at night and you’re wondering why
Maybe God is trying to tell ya something)
Well I’m listening.

The all night itching is becoming more and more
Unbearable as I scratch my skin until it bleeds
Leaving behind small sores reminiscent of
Chicken pox and ashes
How did I get here?

I still won’t bend but had I known cheap gin,
Whiskey, and the notion of invincibility would  lead me here
I would have better tended to my own affairs and
Less time on Facebook tending to theirs.
But it’s too soon to write my end…

Until then
I am up listening to crickets and
Listening for the Lord
God is trying to tell me something.