Monday, November 22, 2010

Untitled/Offended Draft Work in Progress

I don’t intend to offend
I only write what I’m feeling
What I’m really feeling
And as honest as it may be
As real as it is
To paraphrase or to express
Myself in any other way would be
To lie
Something I’d rather not do
For I am not false in my prophesizing
For it profits me very little
So if shyt or dick offends you then you
May need to question your own feelings
Or what you profess them to be
Check this out….
Poets write poetry
Bees make honey
Hustlers make money
And lovers make love
“love oh love oh careless love”
Careless like curse words and images of
Old men fondling the young breasts of
13 yo once innocent girls who take it cause
Mama’s lights are on now and finally she
Is driving a car and the new shoes on her feet
Has stopped the teasing, at least for now…
I mean I don’t intend to offend
I’m just writing what I’m feeling
Feelings that
Talented tongues are taunted to tell
Telling troubled tales of the invisible living
Things have to get better
Shyt has to change

Plain Jane wants to be like Whitney
Hit me
Why can’t she be herself
See herself
Free herself
No self love or control
She sells her soul
Cause there is profit
So drop it cause rent is due and
Car payment to
Forgetting songs taught in Sunday school
Golden rules
New tattoo, hair do and new lyrics to-
Lyrics about licking and sticking
Fucking and swallowing nut
Taking it up the butt
No parental guidance
4th graders debate what they think life means
Playgrounds and unsupervised class rooms become
Scenes of reenactments or interpretations
Virgins no more
Innocence lost
At what cost?
Remembering how it feels to wanna belong
Or be held or be loved
“I wanna be loved/faithful and true/I wanna be loved/a million life times with you/I’ll let my heart take a chance”…and….
In callused hands it is crushed
Turned to mush cause addiction
Doesn’t care about shyt
It often forgets what love means
I’m mean but I don’t mean to be
I’m just trying not to offend anyone today
Yeah, I’m gay
So what
No I don’t get fucked in the butt or desire to
Feel up little boys or dress like a chic or
Cut off my dick…ya’ll on some stupid shyt
I live in a house but I ain’t part of one and I
Strongly believe in the possibility of monogamy
So please don’t cheat on me beat on me or sleep on me…
Ha ha ha he he he
Now put that in your corn pipe and smoke it
Choke it
Stroke it
He broke it
No safety glue or scotch tape or suture strong enough to
Restore the trust
Thrust and thrust until I bust
All over myself
Mental health flooded with faded memories of being
Molested by VHS fuck flicks and late night HBO shows
A left opened door exposes a little more
Voyeur I visually explore
Peeping, not sleeping
Seeing reality from beginning
“nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen/nobody knows my sorrow”
So I borrow from my neighbor but forget to return
And if I’ve written anything that offends it’s not my intention
No intervention
Mental retention
The fifth dimension
Comprehension of reality
At least for me

If you are able to walk in city parks after dark without stepping in dog shyt
Consider yourself blessed
Cause life’s stress is like a test
No cheat sheets or cliff notes or study guides
Close your eyes
And enjoy the ride it ain’t that bad
If on the way some shyt should offend you
Hop off
Get lost
Jack off
Ain’t no love loss
I’m boss of these poems my words
The verbs my nouns their sounds
So no offense
But in my defense
Som shyt just don't makes sense

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

toilet trained

i guess they want us all to
wash away with the tides

like flushing little brown
turds down porcelain white bowls

out of sight out of mind
what's mine is mine

fuck reform or Obamacare welfare
stare i don't care won't care cause

it hurts knowing the truth
that nothing really matters

Thursday, April 15, 2010

so what...

i could not look up at him
as he pumped my mouth full
swimming seamen in saliva
proclaiming their claims to life
lead by self motivation
the same motivation that propelled
me to hurry here upon my knees
beseeched to his kingliness

is this what addiction feels like?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Untitled 069

I used to imagine how it would be...being with you....
No boundaries or questions or complications...
No algae covered swimming pools or
Broken washers filled with soured clothes

I used to imagine how it would be....being with you...
No long drawn out speeches no alibis
No trials with biased jurors waiting to find me
Guilty of loving You in spite of You

I used to imagine what it would be like...being with you...
You who once turned my world into a strawberry banana smoothie
Now a shitty pull up diaper crawling about on a dirty floor in a
hot damp project apartment running radiator in June

I used to imagine what it would be be with you...
Odors show no shame floating above empty
Champagne bottles adjacent to dusty white china plates
Glistening bodies covered in sweat resting silently

I used to imagine how it would be....until I had you
Far from fraud proof money back guarantee untrue
Contemplative decisions to be made before
Compromising my identity and my closet space

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A start...Family Time

Growing up, we used to watch tv together and have family dinner until the Christmas we each got personal 13" color tvs and it became ok to eat our meals friends who are parents...take the TVs out the room, limit the internet time, and bring back dinner'd be surprised. Spend time with your kids and stop buying them expensive ass clothes and buy books, chemistry sets, or creative items. I'm tired of reading reports and statistics with our kids ranking very last but yet they are the best dressed in class.
Say no to Jordan's and yes to apples and books...and a puppy is a nice reward for good grades. Marinade on this...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He here

I feel you....maybe instead of calling Jesus we need to call each other...shyt has got to change...only gonna happen if we do it ourselves...peeps too worried about who I sleep with instead of worrying about if I had enough sleep or if I have a place to sleep..let's do better...we have been waiting too long for Jesus...missing the point...Jesus never left.