Sunday, June 28, 2015


he was weird and i loved him for it
bold outspoken and unapologetic and
i loved him for it
unbothered and unconsumed with the
ways and worries of the world
often enjoying anime, mozart and meek mill
and i loved him for it

we hunted through thrift stores
looking for lost treasure
a long forgotten chair or an
abandoned appliance
once we found an antiquated jewelry box
with two matching bands inside
from that moment on we knew

and i loved him for the simple
outlook he had on life and loving
it made me want to live and be more
it gave me hope and courage and
restored my faith in god and man and
i loved him for loving me enough to free me
allowing me to be me without condition

countless memorable moments
we would share contemplating
life and love and technology and african mysticism
while learning yoga, taking day trips to the beach
karaoke and eating burgers and brussels sprout my
singing off key and belly doesn't  bother him at all
he loved me for it

as fairy tales with happy endings go
we eventually said our i do’s
not at the approval of congress or christians or anyone for
church and state and salesmen were not allowed inside our home
our witnesses were a plant, some goldfish, and a puppy
their being was enough the only company we needed and
we loved them for it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

still (61715)

I still remain friends with those chosen few
The ones I let my guard down with
Walked around naked sharing my body and heart
The ones who intrigued my mind and made me smile
And cry sometimes at the same time

The ones who found my humor whimsical or at least
Tolerable to the point of not damaging my ego
The ones who dealt with my random taste in music
As well as my random mood swings, like a kid-

But never was there a question of my love, my passion-
My desire to hold and be held and be one from first
Blush to last kiss goodbye. My eyes did wander at
Times and once I did find myself in the bed of another but
I blame no one but myself.

Emotions have a language and understanding of their own
Like finding a tortoise with two heads in some dark woodland bog
It is strangely familiar in appearance but foreign in understanding
I still don’t understand the rage and craze of my ways but
I’m always sincere

So here I sit going through his box of love letters and old photographs
And keepsakes from lovers past replaying scenes in my mind-
Front row seat to my insanity but I imagine it’s sadly similar to
Many who search and live and seek something real using only our
Instincts and heart to lead the way

Ending up lost amidst break-ups and maybes, maybe I should have
Gone with that one instead of this one maybe I shouldn't have
Been so selective using artificial standards that i don't  meet
Maybe I should have just followed the wind breezing by
Like a kite carefree and soaring in life’s sky.

I still talk to plants, I still love Prince, I still keep goldfish and I still keep the memory of our first kiss. Still. I love