Wednesday, November 4, 2015


you treated me
like the dope man
the one who shorted you
on your sacks

you wore me
like those too tight jeans
the dark blue ones
with the stallions on the back

i never saw you to
wear a smile always a
complaint slipping
from your lips

but something about
your angry beauty intrigued me
making me madly sadly crazy
over bipolar you

two dozen roses are
never enough the moon and
stars just won't't do
chocolate candies melt too easily
there’s just no pleasing you

but something about when we undress
freaky funky loving till the break of dawn
a thousand lions in my pocket
you tame every one

i can’t be without you baby
not even for a night
you can’t be without me either
our love is more potent than combustible ether

1:33AM 110415

its just me again
left alone with these things
my feelings

i don’t know how to manage them
or how to entertain them
without being afraid

of the inevitable
what lies beneath
all of my baggage

i wipe the tear away
replace it with a smile
and get back to living

i know how to lie like
the best of them like a
lawyer defending them

i pretend that
no one can see
the pain i'm feeling

my body’s not healing
i'm blacker then the day before
and more afraid

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Voodoo you do

Marie Laveau. 
Is that you? 
Teach me. Taunt me. 
The Voodoo you do. 

Queen of Dark Arts 
You reign supreme. 
How shall we wake our 
Folk from this dream.

Living nightmare they 
Know not who they are. 
Their power fastly fading 
Like that of falling stars.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

trite rhyme 33

Simon Salamander fell in love with Bobby Blue Jay.
The two lived together for almost a decade.
They ate bologna, chips and drank kool-aid.
Never bothering with silly things people did say.

Late nights they danced to the tunes of the O’Jays
And in the morning they slept until almost noon day.
They celebrated every single minute as if it were the last day.
They laughed and loved and kissed each other without delay.

For surely the two were considered insane
Never heeding to life’s routine
Never falling for the games people played-
Like a salamander I'm looking and praying for my Jay.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Got to be Me

You say I'm the
Apple of your eye
But I don't want that
I can't be liable for my
Mood swings and
How they may affect you

Though unintentional
I'm working on it
Yoga and green tea smoothies
Seem to help but
Like most things
There's no guarantee at
Least not with me.

I love like shooting stars
Suddenly appearing and
Disappearing in dark clear skies
Crickets and frogs sing in
Unison while the night breeze cause
Goose bumps to appear on our skin
A nipple hardening chill
A moment indescribable
That's how I love.

I can't be responsible for
Managing phone calls and
Remembering dates or
Providing details of my whereabouts
I live in the moment savoring
Each and every eventful episode of
My life forgoing transcripts and details
That's how I love.

II. - The drama

 A puddle a creek a river a leak
The thing they have in common is
The power to build and destroy
To birth and besiege to heal and live
Free like the ocean and its breeze and
The lucky old sun and new borns breathing
Air for the first time living so free
Unconfined by titles and labels and stipulations
And circumstance like in that Sting song…
“If you love somebody, if you love someone, set them can't control an independent heart.”

And that's how I love but I'm down if you are.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

oh say can u see me

i wont go silently like
lambs before slaughter
nor gentle into that
good night

i won't whisper my
disdain for complicated
things devaluing the
simple life

i wont tax myself with fear
blacklisted by gossips ear
sissifying my fight for equal
human rights

for he who seeks to shame
knows not honors gain
pursuant of justice and
God’s delight

while brothers bought and sold
weep with broken souls like
wingless eagles
attempting flight

baring my soul in warrior mode
intellect and bullets unite on
congress’ bloody carpeted floor the final
end of historical strife.

by the dawn’s early light.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

we are

We pain
We change
We love
We lose
We hope
We despair
We laugh
We share
We argue
We fight
We break
We bite
We kick
We scream
We shit
We dream

We suffer
We cringe
We clean
We mend
We search
We find
We live
We shine
We carry
We score
We cry
We war
We bury
We waste
We fuck
We taste

We tax
We spend
We lie
We pretend
We recover
We recite
We pledge
We unite
We bully
We bleed
We bruise
We lead
We pick
We choose
We drink
We abuse

We wonder
We take
From slumber
We wake
Over time
We realize
We're out
Our minds
We haste
To replace
The friend
We disgraced
So jealous
We are
The competition
Selfie star.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


he was weird and i loved him for it
bold outspoken and unapologetic and
i loved him for it
unbothered and unconsumed with the
ways and worries of the world
often enjoying anime, mozart and meek mill
and i loved him for it

we hunted through thrift stores
looking for lost treasure
a long forgotten chair or an
abandoned appliance
once we found an antiquated jewelry box
with two matching bands inside
from that moment on we knew

and i loved him for the simple
outlook he had on life and loving
it made me want to live and be more
it gave me hope and courage and
restored my faith in god and man and
i loved him for loving me enough to free me
allowing me to be me without condition

countless memorable moments
we would share contemplating
life and love and technology and african mysticism
while learning yoga, taking day trips to the beach
karaoke and eating burgers and brussels sprout my
singing off key and belly doesn't  bother him at all
he loved me for it

as fairy tales with happy endings go
we eventually said our i do’s
not at the approval of congress or christians or anyone for
church and state and salesmen were not allowed inside our home
our witnesses were a plant, some goldfish, and a puppy
their being was enough the only company we needed and
we loved them for it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

still (61715)

I still remain friends with those chosen few
The ones I let my guard down with
Walked around naked sharing my body and heart
The ones who intrigued my mind and made me smile
And cry sometimes at the same time

The ones who found my humor whimsical or at least
Tolerable to the point of not damaging my ego
The ones who dealt with my random taste in music
As well as my random mood swings, like a kid-

But never was there a question of my love, my passion-
My desire to hold and be held and be one from first
Blush to last kiss goodbye. My eyes did wander at
Times and once I did find myself in the bed of another but
I blame no one but myself.

Emotions have a language and understanding of their own
Like finding a tortoise with two heads in some dark woodland bog
It is strangely familiar in appearance but foreign in understanding
I still don’t understand the rage and craze of my ways but
I’m always sincere

So here I sit going through his box of love letters and old photographs
And keepsakes from lovers past replaying scenes in my mind-
Front row seat to my insanity but I imagine it’s sadly similar to
Many who search and live and seek something real using only our
Instincts and heart to lead the way

Ending up lost amidst break-ups and maybes, maybe I should have
Gone with that one instead of this one maybe I shouldn't have
Been so selective using artificial standards that i don't  meet
Maybe I should have just followed the wind breezing by
Like a kite carefree and soaring in life’s sky.

I still talk to plants, I still love Prince, I still keep goldfish and I still keep the memory of our first kiss. Still. I love

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

k dot

keep smiling
keep shining
keep speaking
keep writing

your lyrics
speak truth
keep reaching
our youth

keep dreaming
keep sharing
keep loving
keep daring

stay conscious
don’t stray
keep danger

keep living
keep breathing
lost souls
keep feeding

please keep it
the people
we need it

keep fighting
stay winning
stay you
no pretending

stay woke
stay up
tell haters
shut up

the people
we need you
the gods
they sent you

your poems
your verses
straight fire

mortal men
we’re not
from caterpillars
to stars…

to k. lamar.

IG: bdapoet

Monday, March 16, 2015

writer dreamer lover poet

as a
writer a
dreamer a
lover a
i oft wonder if it were my
life’s purpose to
live in discourse in the
most correct way

foreign from the
typical routine others
enslave themselves to
committed to living from
paycheck to pay back and
monetary necessities

for i treat dollars with the same
despise some mother-in-laws
shade towards those not
worth the fruit of her labor

even at the bottom
mind aching with
regrets i still find love
feeling the warm
sun upon my face the
cool wetness of rain the
awe inspiring joy that singing birds bring
not a sad song but one filled with
green melodic cadences

what is the color of freedom
certainly not the
darkness behind
closed tired eyes and calloused hands
missing mesmerizing moments and miracles
occurring naturally around this

orbiting sphere who’s
center must certainly be
caring and generous enough to
sustain constant consistent
lack of appreciation and gratitude
side effects of hate greed corruption and fear

perchance the color of freedom is love
bravely loving enough to
unplug from the reddening madness of
routine and predictability and comfortable conformity and
live passionately as a
writer a
dreamer a
lover a

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


mama envisioned a life for me
her baby boy her pride and joy
but not like this
not like this

mama urged me to play with boys
no girly toys for her little boy
but not like this
not like this

i know she dreamed someday
i would marry and raise a family
but not like this
no not like this

mama if there’s one thing you
should understand you did well
in making me a man just not the
kind you had in mind

through dark days and cold nights
you kept us warm gave up your life
countless were your sacrifices and
i just wanna say thank you ill say it
again and again
i just wanna say thank you

Monday, February 23, 2015

the world

This beautiful world
In which we all live
It overflows with love
From the crust to the core

From trees to beings
From hills to the shores
There is this bond
That  can never be destroyed