Wednesday, September 18, 2013

situation such as this

nothing will come of this
my mind toys with the
optimism of a mustard seed
seeing only the possibility
of positivity
but my heart knows for
certain that chivalry is dead

lifeless like Jesus on the
cross in an old rural
baptist church
dusty purple pews
who knew you would be
here laying beside me
not out of want but of need

i need more
like goldfish in an
abandoned tank
more algae than water
i wanna breathe and
believe that
something will come of this

but chivalry is dead
it wasn’t love we just made
just a protein mess at best
our eyes never met
regret after regret
but at this moment we
both need each other

too lazy to live the truth
taunting thoughts tossed in
tissues  and flushed down toilets
unlimited kush
makes even the worse
situation bearable
a situation such as this

Friday, September 13, 2013

Still Dreaming

I’ve spent spent summer nights
Playing in the snow
Forgetting the importance of time
Forgetting rhyme and reason
Beaming with euphoria
Chapped white lips
Damn I’m sexy

Walking down dirty
Dimly lit peach tree streets
Looking for someone
Just as lonely and alive
As me
Floating above misery
Where have all the birds gone?

Rats are bold at 6am
Never minding passing humans
Passing fire hydrants
Forgetting the importance of
Hydration and rest
No rest for the geeked and weary

This old heart and red eyes of mine
Have seen and felt enough pain
No matter how worn my shoes become
I can’t walk it out
Work it out
Self medicating until my nose collapse

Perhaps this pain
My pain
I’m meant to feel
Perhaps this life
My life
I’m meant to live

Record keeper and saboteur of
Post traumatic stress
Popping purple pills
Pursuing a purpose driven life
Even if my dreams at times become living nightmares
At least I’m dreaming

Friday, September 6, 2013

someone to watch over me (090613)

where are the boys who enjoy
bestbuy and bilal
and possess a non obsessive
sense of style
where they at?

where are the dudes
who eat fruit but don’t necessarily act
like one..well maybe only when beyonce comes on
but everyone gets a pass on that one
where you at?

where are the men willing to grind
obtain sustain and maintain
unafraid to use their brain for
the betterment of all mankind?
this guy i must find!

sexy is he who’s unafraid to
smile at passing strangers or
pet playing puppies in public parks
while contemplating the origins of time
damn I hope he’s fine!

leprechauns mermaids and unicorns
inspire the fancy of artist
just as the possibility of love
ignites the heart's fire

desires don’t disappear like
hop scotch grids on side walks after it’s rained
nor has my heart lost the desire to
find love once again

possible (090613)

the impossible is no longer part of my tongue's pronunciation
proclamation is non stoic
settling for bullshyt unworthy of my time
tired have i become of non triumphant fanfare

false trumpets do kings any good
greatness is my purpose
pursuing meaning in dark ghost filled kingdoms
killing my vision visiting those unwilling to see

selfishness within them selves
serving speedy satisfaction
suffer the little children who grew up believing
santa claus had forgotten them

tough does the heart become
bitter does the heart become
broken hearts can be undone
unlike stubborn grown men and christians

criticizing constantly the actions of others
only to realize that this life was meant to be lived
lovingly and with the liberty of free choice
choose ye this day whom ye will serve

surely the strong will choose
compassion and the unimaginable
unexplainable unlimited life giver
great light bearer; creator of all things

thankful am i for insight and understanding
unplugging myself and life from the impossible
idiocentric norms that limit self from seeing
superbly how wonderful this life really is