Tuesday, August 26, 2014

you inspire me

Hey Bae

Send me a pic of you..right now. I wanna write something....and you...

Well....you inspire me.

Your smile, your eyes...your spirit....it's refreshing...I would be lying if I said I didn't find you attractive....and physically you’re the type of beautiful I would date....hold...kiss...wanting to learn every curve, every inch, every detail of your body....but more than any of that...well...

There’s something about your spirit....your eagerness to learn and find your purpose...your passion...Your....You.

But I’m a dreamer....a fantasy believer....I still imagine fairies and white witches flying and living in the forest....and I imagine mermaids like listening to Beyonce also....that would be cool....I'm a big kid, I'm a Poet....I like puppies and I'm a sucker for candy....

And I love God and miracles and the possibility that some day Earth will know Peace again...she's been away too long....and maybe I’m naive enough to think you may read all of this and understand....who knows. I just want to see a picture of you...one taken right now, cause you inspire me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


i knew you before time was time
before this spinning earth had formed
before the stars took their rightful place
in the skies above

i knew you before words before
institutions and man found it
necessary to define and describe
things they don’t understand

nestled together we were speeding
atoms in a bond both tight and minut
as one of one with jupiter and mars and
salamanders elephants and trees however

intrinsic thought found need to
express itself in the most grandest manner
bursting us lightyears ages and spaces apart
our rhythms still in sync

at last we are rejoined in costa rica a
cafe a movie theatre beneath a
palm along the nile the drool from a
new born’s smile

i knew you then i know you now without
coincidence or condition nor conclusion
no descript can define us but for man’s
satisfaction we’ll call this "love".

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

-Day 2-

Love's Curse

7 Love songs in 7 days
Maybe that will break this
Cold curse that has held my
Heart captive away from
Chivalrous delight
Perhaps I want not
What so many

Soul seekers settle for
Shant I resist the kiss from
Wanton lips who's
Incapable of my heart's
True desire but for
Lasting love until my
Soul retires.