Wednesday, February 5, 2014

moths to a flame

you see when you’re blind and you’re looking for love
sometimes you stumble upon speeding oncoming traffic
bumping into things and people or ending up in places and
situations that may endanger you with your uninsured self

like those little rodents that run together in packs
off steep mountain cliffs to their deaths below
thumping sounds from them hitting the ground like the
beat of a night club drummer when you’re high on X

in another world in another time in another place
dancing and moving your body in a sexually hypnotic manner
hoping to entice like those sirens who lured ancient greeks with
their macabre melody moving the soul seeking the flesh

i’ve offered my flesh for a few sweaty rounds of instant passion a
spark in the dark of an absent non existent seat filling bed warming
confidant risking my mind and health becoming blinded by the
possibility of feeling complete like love songs and romance novels

the blues of a baby boy whose mind races between science and
creativity and lack of self belief and imagined lack of love if he
could only see and believe in his own talents and possibilities and
the joy he brings to each and everyone he meets and reaches

his cup runneth over with love too thirsty for dirty black dick and
clean white cocaine to see nothing will numb the pain or restore
vision but inner peace self love and filtered bottled water his luring
light attracts all like moths to a flame if only he could feel the heat