Saturday, July 20, 2013

bout dat atticus life

Anyway...cliche cliche folk mad about Tray but games they still play...asking me what have I done to make things better?

Shyt, ask the chic in the last semester of working on her darker than mine and test scores barely reaching the line...change it up I ain't give a fuck cause I knew it was the right thing to do...Go on gurl! my future is better thanks to you...I told your mama I wouldn't set you up for failure they just need to do what they gotta do even if Financial Aid don't come thru...

This saga is to be continued...

This ain't a race war, it's a class war...this ain't bout black and's about doing what's right...everybody got bright dreams and red blood but everybody ain't got the dream team, the green team...let's fuck up this world...

Christ wasn’t a Christian so how you expect me to listen to your Christian ain’t bout life not dis life...Call me a rebel and me me what you want...but you’ll never call me cliche.

don't make me wait too long

like waking up next to strangers from craigslist or
doing lines off dusty bar countertops in the dark
nothing surprises me anymore
just don’t make me wait too long

i never mind waiting just don’t make me wait too long
like finding justice in this unjust place
placing blame on another without evaluating our own home
schooling youth on how to live a wounded life surviving off anger and pain

like when your dog gets hit by a car seeking shelter
under the porch feed him hoping he will heal
ain’t no vets in the hood crippled for life never the same
just don’t make me wait too long

mama i’m sorry for being a seemingly ungrateful child at times
i hope this apology doesn’t come too late
too long i’ve loved you while being mad at you, surviving off anger and pain
now i understand you i believe in you sorry for making you wait too long