Sunday, April 20, 2014

Faith Family Friends (a commercial piece)

to have Faith
dark doubt does not

With Family
love is

in Friends
comfort is
just a hug away

At peace is the heart
that has found
these three

love is the bond
that ties the

unbreakable diamonds
the beauty of

as certain as the
rising sun
faith must be

when love seems lost
like car keys to a
forgetful mind

doubtless unquestionable is the
love in faith family and friends
you will find

3rd eye (unedited)

the things i've gained
the friends i've lost
self destructive
at any cost
but no they’ll
never rob me of my sight
no matter how they try
ain't no contacts
third eye

some hands are dealt
with shitty cards
no matter the odds
you do your part
play to win
don’t fuck up the deal
pick the right partner
that shyt is real
no talking cross the table
that shyt is real
play your hand
no under bidding
say amen
now get to winning

loyalty confused
with some fake feelings
consumers wake up
the new niggers
enslaved to spending
shopping sprees in wal-mart
who are we kidding
make em change
workers cant make a living
nightmare becomes reality
our spending power’s in the billions!

get over your past
handle your shyt
learn from mistakes
master your shyt
learn something new
rewrite the rules

i smile bright
outwitting this
keep my soul
empowered mind
freed heart
i'm not a play thang
    “say my name say my name”
meant to live
enslaved establishment
wrong ideas
often i  chill
like wine i’m chill
blunts make me feel
reading books
that’s real
black text
white pages
white lines
black razors
    “please don't judge me, and I won't judge you, cause if you loved me, then let it be beautiful”

to my hustlers
hackers of the game
step ya code up
ceo training
    “take your passion and make it happen”

hood distributers
moving keys
breaking bricks
cutting snow
hello mr frosty
don't front on bags
don't step on shyt
fire all flunkies
in ya click
look out for moms
and ya family
pray to god
bended knee
watch over thee

classroom soldiers
battle fields
school teachers
your pain i feel
like surgeons
molding minds of
licensed to kill
change the world
with a hustlers mind
connect em with your plug
this is their time
toss bullshit
out the windows
let them babies shine
them lame text books
outdated history
bon fires
pep rallies
hang a noose around
ignorance in your way
by any means necessary
    “promise of a new day”
cornel west
i admired ya
stand down
im tired of ya
yes you are
smiley crab in a boiling pot
yes you are
political hater
contradicts your scholarship
insubordinate nigga
yes you are

i proclaim
the revolution has begun
love your families
especially your sons
brothers and sisters
cease the fighting
the real enemies
just foreclosed on
your home
ya paying triple
student loans

blew up them levis
offered no aid
gain wealth off your work
you happy slave
impound your whip
in cash you paid
kick your doors open
say it’s a raid
pull you over
and make you believe
they didn't pull you over
cause you're a darkie

pit whites against blacks
christians against jews
homosexuals have no rights
over a  life they didn’t choose
chop down trees
processed food
money’s all that matter in the
    “soon and very soon I am going to see the King”

wanna share shyt
bout this journey
lessons ive learned
the pains ive felt
the times i’ve burned
the nights i whelped
    “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh ‘forth’ in the morning”

the things i gained
the friends i lost
at times self destructive
at any cost
but no they’ll
never rob me of my sight
no matter how the try
aint no contacts in my
third eye
no cataract in my third eye
no sand or grit in my third eye
my third eye

wake up: emergency

we the people
us people
you people
are not looking for a hand out
wanting something for nothing
us forgotten people
only remembered in statistics
and unicef campaigns asking for donations instead of candy on halloween

we the people
ranging from shades of dark to light
photoshopped bright on cosmo covers
and darkened in GOP fear commercials
exaggerated in welfare lines
cheese lines savages living wildly
in urban ghettos committing crimes
that’s how you view us

we the people
the offspring of immigrants
forced bondage and held captive
like girls being held by old cartel pimps
forced to dance in private, no living out by the sea
no husband or children no family
just work, work work
making profit for free

we the people sleeping like tired
airline pilots on third flight of the day
must wake soon before it’s too late
before we’ve crashed completely into hidden
icebergs without enough life boats and jackets for us all
women and children aren’t first just the wealthy and
certain pedigree pets
Oh say can you see what’s happening to us?
duck duck goose untie that fucking noose from around your neck
and wake up!
this is an emergency on planet earth

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moon (032814)

he didn’t just fall from the sky
like some dying comet or broken
object from a USSR
satellite rotating and revolving around our
distant solar system
some things are
stranger than fiction

but there was something about his
accent and his attention to detail that
intrigued me
made me wanna
touch his skin poke and dig into
him a little more as if he were
out of this world

curious i am for the
desire to peer open and 
take a peek inside through telescopic eyes
seeing what i can find
maybe a touch similar to mine but
never does the agar plate reveal such
culture as those within my fantasy yielding mind

i humor myself with thoughts that
shine bright and twinkle like
stars in the night’s sky
cliche cliche cliche
moon from above offers just enough light
assuring me this moment is real
i’m here and here’s the deal

objects appear closer than they seem
so i refrain from believing this dream
this moment
this situation
this chance that some
moon being has landed his way into my life
“i’m a recovering undercover over lover”

12 Angry Nurses and Satan

Could not hold me back from seeing the sunshine again. 

The thoughts and prayers of my friends.
Those who spend their days being good Catholics, jumping from pews doing that Blues Brothers shit, I salute and thank you. 

In this living life of wars, no judging my views, cause our Gods find sacred that vow. 

Get up, get out, and do something...just try and avoid the things that can cause a night mare of your dreams. 

Get up get out and get something....tomorrow's not promised; pissing on yourself in open pajamas.

Get up get out and be something...this ain't no dress rehearsal man you can't keep doing that same shit over and over again.

So here it is a reminder a photograph to remember.
I was 20 minutes from the morgue...I'm just saying...evaluate what YOU'RE living for.

Thanks again to all those from the Port to the A and places in between that prayed for me, that thought of me, that kept me. 

I am forever grateful and and I am forever changed...still recovering, but my thought's are not the same.