Saturday, December 28, 2013

siutations such as this ii

i told myself not to hit send
that the message was out of context
i was upset with running high emotions
i should step back and take a breath

i told myself not to hit send
wounded child-like tantrum
kicking and screaming to be heard
just listen to me

i told myself not to hit send
i would regret coming off looking
weak and needy with little
self control or maturity

i pressed send
for a moment after
time and my heart stood still
no rewind anywhere to be found

like a jester before the king
i clowned myself once again
images of a babbling brook
remind me of the bigger picture

no response i power down
not only my phone but myself
technical distractions cause
unnecessary reactions

nothing can replace
face to face
communication in
situations such as this

-to paul