Monday, October 19, 2015

The Voodoo you do

Marie Laveau. 
Is that you? 
Teach me. Taunt me. 
The Voodoo you do. 

Queen of Dark Arts 
You reign supreme. 
How shall we wake our 
Folk from this dream.

Living nightmare they 
Know not who they are. 
Their power fastly fading 
Like that of falling stars.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

trite rhyme 33

Simon Salamander fell in love with Bobby Blue Jay.
The two lived together for almost a decade.
They ate bologna, chips and drank kool-aid.
Never bothering with silly things people did say.

Late nights they danced to the tunes of the O’Jays
And in the morning they slept until almost noon day.
They celebrated every single minute as if it were the last day.
They laughed and loved and kissed each other without delay.

For surely the two were considered insane
Never heeding to life’s routine
Never falling for the games people played-
Like a salamander I'm looking and praying for my Jay.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Got to be Me

You say I'm the
Apple of your eye
But I don't want that
I can't be liable for my
Mood swings and
How they may affect you

Though unintentional
I'm working on it
Yoga and green tea smoothies
Seem to help but
Like most things
There's no guarantee at
Least not with me.

I love like shooting stars
Suddenly appearing and
Disappearing in dark clear skies
Crickets and frogs sing in
Unison while the night breeze cause
Goose bumps to appear on our skin
A nipple hardening chill
A moment indescribable
That's how I love.

I can't be responsible for
Managing phone calls and
Remembering dates or
Providing details of my whereabouts
I live in the moment savoring
Each and every eventful episode of
My life forgoing transcripts and details
That's how I love.

II. - The drama

 A puddle a creek a river a leak
The thing they have in common is
The power to build and destroy
To birth and besiege to heal and live
Free like the ocean and its breeze and
The lucky old sun and new borns breathing
Air for the first time living so free
Unconfined by titles and labels and stipulations
And circumstance like in that Sting song…
“If you love somebody, if you love someone, set them can't control an independent heart.”

And that's how I love but I'm down if you are.