Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Response to Beth...

Love you to.
I could apologize a million times
Make this go on and on
like one of those long Prince songs
You know, like the ones we
used to enjoy listening to
When the sun seemed to always shine and
rain only fell into frosted glasses
tasting like strawberry lemonade
yeah, i could say sorry for ever
but just know i never
meant to hurt you
sometimes the ego can be
venomous like scorpions hiding
under rocks while you're searching for
your hero in random places high and low
my verbal sting to you was to
distract me from the truth
the guilt of knowing that
i hurt you and that i let you down
i was being a enabler instead of a
protector and a friend
i don't doubt that it's hard for you to
forgive me once again
but I'm glad you do
i'll make an effort to
never hurt you again
just promise me you'll
make me some brownies
and make me laugh after
your glass of wine has you buzzed
or talk shyt with me while we're
kicking ass in some spades again.
I miss you dawg!

Random 070409

i sometimes wonder about saving dolphins
their plight their struggle
cans of tuna
is it worth it?
Is it important enough?
I mean it's relative- we're all connected
all things big and small and living
what if dolphins lived in buildings
would their plight have more meaning
like saving cities, neighborhoods, and communities
trapped in nets and webs of
capitalist killers convincing
consumption gumption
conjunction junction what's your function
purpose destiny fate
it ain't too late
if you can relate
can't make it more relative
than it already is
not like 3rd and 4th cousin relative
your mama's sister's brother's kids
but relative like
same womb same room same tomb same mushroom
like smurfs sitting in church
eat pray and work
where is the love you said you'd give to me
like smoking good weed
christmas trees
goldfish and puppies
ain't no more pet shops in our communities
ain't no more May Day celebrations
no more candy ladies nor freeze ladies
something's shady
young mother feeding ramen noodles to baby
call me crazy but sometimes it's
hard to remain focused
abracadabra hocus pocus
my mind's playing tricks on me
is that what they want me to believe
like whales swimming in open seas
only to be snagged by hidden nets
like that fine print at the end of a loan or
promissory note that you signed at 18
not knowing what it really meant
just that you could finish class
the one you barely passed
for worrying about books, clothes
something to eat and how you would get home for
thanksgiving too broke and pre making a living
only to finish in the hole with garnished wages
each pay check no federal return and
no warning the risk in
doing what they say you should
no warning labels
like the kind on the side of cigarette packs and
Little Debbie cakes never warn of getting fat and
no written warning on crack
smoke with the hope of never going back to the
pain and feeling of being slained
caught up in nets and snares of defeat
loose some teeth no place to
eat and skeet too sweet like candy with
tricks and treats
cash rules everything around me
they don't care it's all about the money
ain't no sunny days when your situation is
defined as poverty
monopoly on top of me
no feeling free
it ain't sunny
only cloudy days and long lonely
stormy nights
dreaming of what it's like to be
older than human time
pre crime pre war pre poverty
pre definitions and pre meaning
just chillin and being
like trees in a forest
singing songs with no chorus
like this is the song that doesn't end
when will it end
the desire to spend stressing
poor men and
the killing of dolphins
to the point of their end