Sunday, April 15, 2012

do fish count?

don't make sense
when it comes to self defense

rows of bars like
parked cars
don't hold me captive

at least not mentally
or spiritually
or emotionally

i still smell the sun

my heart ain't broke
it's just sore
like being on your feet all day

if my circumstance cause one to
rethink their actions
then my time served will not be in vain

for truly the only prison that can hold
is the one created in the brain
like loose change
it's what you make it

time is a function of society
clocks don't mean shyt to me
like numbers
and words
it's all arbitrary
even scarey...when you think about it

do fish count?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

slowly sliding

it drips like condensation on a crystal tumblr
slowly sliding along
i smile and toss my head back as far as i can
hoping to loose control
it becomes annoying at times
like having to wake for work each morning
clockwork routine dullness
like dusty hardwood floors in old country side
baptist churches
the ones that have yet to surrender control to
purple padded carpeting-
the thump from a feeling foot
does not sound the same

i want to feel what it’s like to live
loosely without regard for control
like a roaming wild stallion wandering
innately by what’s within
for a moment i think of this joy
swallowing the last of my brandy
imagining it must be like
dripping condensation on a crystal tumblr
slowly sliding along

Monday, April 2, 2012