Thursday, January 28, 2016


Note: Tyler, The Creator- All around respect. Creative, clever, cool, conscious, and comical.


the grease from the pizza brought out the sexy of your lips
drinkin’ beer talkin’ bout shyt
sitting on the floor watching lennox ask “why”
feeling good i feel me

i loose myself in your plants
wanting to suck your toes
i drink more beer instead
is it too soon to kiss you?

what the hell, life is short
they say age is nothing but a number
i agree
especially when older than me

maybe we’ll share the same bathroom
one day
i’ll learn another language
and teach you patience
just let me be silly
and eat ice cream
and share with you my wildest dreams

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yours truly, B. 010416

So I found myself thinking about you yet again wondering if I would continue to visit and go through the the many things we went through; both good and bad. Something about familiarity and routine that brings comfort and contentment like eating food you know is bad for you, but who can say no to good fried chicken. 

I thought about the night our world ended. How you took me to a place I had never been. We came close to losing everything. The risk. The gamble. The necessity to please everyone by giving light and life while sacrificing our own; something we did to often. What a night and what a life. I'm thankful. 

But as all good stories and times must end so must our dependency upon one another. This tug of war leading to no where. 

"This is the song that doesn't end, it just goes on and on my friend."

I must cut the tie that binds us and free myself of you only holding on to the lessons learned. A sweet dream and beautiful nightmare. Twisted fantasies someday to be revealed in a novel yet to be written. Farewell my past. It's been real. I'm ready for something new and glorious and shiny. 

Yours truly....
B. 010416